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Here's how our premier customer program works:

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We make it EASY... become a customer, let your friends know and get your product for free... or go further an enjoy serious rewards!

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Customer Distribution Program

Customer demand is incredible... Grow your business with the CDP and never run out of people to talk to!

We've Got Customers!!!

Professional ads drive consumer awareness...

For those interested in a building a substantial business, we offer an exciting long term solution. Once you get your business off and running you can participate in our Customer Distribution Program (CDP) where you'll share in the ongoing flow of new customers/members each and every month. No cold calling here... these are actual customers!




Never run out of people to talk to...

When you first start your business it's EASY to find customers. After all, everyone wipes! But eventually you will have talked to everyone you know... Now what? Running out of people to talk to is the #1 reason people fail in a home-based business. But the CDP helps solve all that!

It's simple. The company sets aside money from CDP enrollments that is used to fund a massive monthly advertising campaign. We run professional grade ads that drive prospects into our proven sales funnels where some of them will convert into customers. Our system will then automatically assign the customers to you in proportion to the number of qualified CDP members.


Enroll in the CDP

Become a coop member and then upgrade to enroll in the Customer Distribution Program.


We Place The Ads

Our professional advertising resources go to work using each month's budget to place proven ads online.


Prospects Respond

People respond and click on the ads and are taken into our funnel pages where they are exposed to our products.


Customer Conversion

Some of the people like what they see and decide to become customers. Our conversion rates are great!


Customer Assignment

The system automatically distributes the customers equally out to all of the members enrolled in the CDP.


Follow Up

They're your customers now... feel free to follow up, answer questions, and encourage them to re-order more product!

Organizations We Support

Better Planet, Inc.

Paper with a Purpose... 100 Million Trees Mission!

Better Planet is a grass roots environmental service organization that incentivizes people with prizes to purchase forest-friendly paper products that create a sustainable world.

By providing home delivery of competitively priced and diverse biodegradable paper products that contribute to reforestation, we provide consumers an economical and convenient opportunity to become part of the solution through responsible consumption.

You have the ability to become not just a consumer but more importantly a "Prosumer" and produce a net benefit to the planet with each purchase of paper. As we grow you will have much to choose from.

Everyone wipes, everyday. We all wipe something: Playful Pets, Dirty Kids, Messy Counters, and lots and lots of different sized tushys. Moms and messy people everywhere, love us!


People are talking... and YOU could be one of them!

Upcoming Events

There is always something happening in the Better Planet community. Come lock arms with us and let's change the planet together!
DEC 2019

Photo Contest

We are seeking 10,000 plus pictures in the first 90 days with people providing their ideas and personal pictures in various categories.

JAN 2020

Time To Issue Our Cards!

Our Co Op member Pay Cards as well as the Discount Cards will be issued... but only to those who've qualified by referring three!

JAN 2020

Soft Launch of Better Planet!

It's on baby... let the soft launch begin! This is your chance to get involved before the general public even knows what's going on...

JAN 2020

New Video Introductions Co Op members and Customers

We're ramping up our video production to provide all of the needed videos for both Co Op members as well as Better Planet customers... oh boy!

JAN 2020

National Press Releases for Better Planet Paper

We will begin a series of major press releases to alert the media in combination with celebrity endorsements and all kinds of noise about Better Planet!

FEB 2020

Mobile App Launch!

We're launching our world class Mobile App to manage your account... Plant a Tree... and Grow a Forest!

FEB 2020

Rewards, Dividends, Gift Cards & Cash!

We'll be calculating and distributing Rewards, Dividends, Gift Cards & Cash to members. Exciting stuff so get out there and get busy!

APR 2020

Let's Go Shopping!

Co Op members will have access to a Shopping Experience as part of our rewards platform. More information coming... stay tuned!

MAY 2020

Reward & Dividends

Reward Checks will begin being issued to Co Op members for first order Week 1 bonuses. Can you say "Cha Ching"?!?

JUL 2020

Back to School Promotions

We'll be running a series of promotions and shipping out contest orders. More information coming soon... better go find your three!

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